Coming soon from Netflix. In the meantime watch the prequel short film below...


Thanks for visiting! Ryan Koo (@ryanbkoo) here, writer/director of AMATEUR.

AMATEUR is a short prequel demonstrating my vision for the feature version (formerly titled MANCHILD, the feature now shares the same title as the short, AMATEUR). This short focuses on an encounter between a street agent and a high school basketball player, but as a result of what you see here, the recruiter goes on to pursue younger, more naïve players -- including TJ, the 13 year-old protagonist of our feature film.

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I can’t wait to make the feature -- I’ve been working on it for two years, and ran a Kickstarter campaign that inspired me to make it even better -- but we need your help to show there are a lot of folks out there that want to see the feature! Eleven-time NBA champion coach Phil Jackson and Los Angeles Lakers VP Jeanie Buss backed my Kickstarter campaign after seeing it on Twitter.

If you’re curious about what happens in the feature film, here’s a brief description of AMATEUR:

An amateur video of 13 year-old Terron Forte playing basketball hits the internet and turns his life upside down. Terron is soon nationally ranked among other 7th graders and declared to be "the next Dwayne Wade" despite being in middle school.

As a result of this exposure, free athletic gear and various hangers-on find their way to the doorstep of Terron’s school, and he learns about the youth basketball world and the recruiting machine that powers it. With his newfound fame, he must choose between educational institutes, father figures, and belief systems.

A few years from now Terron could be a millionaire, but right now all he has is basketball. It’s a lot for anyone to handle -- much less a 13 year-old.